About Us

My Coffee Journey – The Road to Cafe Emporos


Shortly after I moved to South Korea in order to teach English, it seemed as if the stars had aligned for me. The coffee industry was booming, and because I had always harbored an interest in coffee, I knew that I had to follow up on it and learn more.


In total, I stayed in South Korea for five years, and during my time there, I spent fifteen weeks earning my Barista Certification. Yes, fifteen weeks! That may seem like a lot, but there was plenty that I had to learn. Studying for three hours each day, I picked up a wealth of knowledge regarding coffee and the coffee industry. From roasting to pulling espresso shots to hand-drip coffees, I was accruing the information and understanding that I needed to go into business for myself.

Today, I am the proud owner of Cafe Emporos, through which I am offering small batches of specialty hand-drip coffees. Sourcing coffee from Uganda, Colombia, Ethiopia, and other locations around the world, I have made it my mission to offer world-class hand-drip coffee (or "pour-over coffee" as we call it in America).


Traveling through South Korea, I learned a lot about myself – and a lot about coffee. This beverage has come to mean a lot to me, and I want to share my passion for superb coffee with others. Cafe Emporos stands for coffee that is a cut above, coffee that I would be thrilled to drink myself.