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How to Brew Hand Drip Coffee

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Welcome to Cafe Emporos! 

Feel free to browse our curreent coffee offerings. Cafe Emporos simplifies the process of brewing a fresh cup of coffee anywhere uing the Hand Drip Satchels. They are available both filled with coffee and empty to fill with any coffee you prefer. 

We also carry whole bean coffee if you have your own frenchpress, drip coffee machine, aeropress, etc. 

Make sure to watch the video above to learn about Hand Drip Coffee.

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Orders placed after March 28th will be sent out April 20th. Thank you!

Orders placed after March 28th will be sent out April 20th. Cafe Emporos is currently in South Korea to attend the Seoul Coffee Expo. Thank you for your understanding. Follow the journey @cafeemporos on instagram or Facebook. Thank you! (The cafe featured in this picture  played a very important part in starting Cafe Emporos.) 

Hand Drip Coffee Subscription!

Want coffee shipped to you monthly? Cafe Emporos has you covered!

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Take a look at our 'ready-to-brew' coffee satchels.

Perfect for travel, camping, gifts, home, or office use. 

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  • Fresh Cup of Coffee, Everytime

    The coffee satchel allows you to brew a fresh cup easily when you want. No more stale coffee.

  • Brew Coffee Anywhere

    All you need is hot water and a mug.

  • Lightweight

    This brew method is perfect for camping and travel.