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Hand Drip Coffee Filters (50 Empty filters)

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Hand Drip Coffee Filters

Seeing how the water flows into the fresh beans to your cup through the perforated drip filter is always a satisfying sight to start your mornings. Experience this feeling over and over again using your own choice of coffee.

At Café Emporos, we want you to experience coffee the way you like it which is why we’re giving you the chance to drip filter your own coffee beans using our quality-made empty hand drip filters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Worth more than a month’s supply! With each order containing 50 empty filters, you can experience drip coffee every morning for more than a month.
  • No more waiting for coffee machines! Save energy and time as you prepare your morning cup with a drip filter that serves coffee using the beans of your choice.
  • Pick the beans of your choice! Use ground beans of your choice and still experience pouring hot water over it through empty drip filters that you can pop up in an instant.
  • Hold a decent amount of beans. Sturdy and durable, each filter can hold up to 9 to 10 grams of ground coffee. Smell the aroma of a rich blend as it makes its way to your cup.
  • Serve drip coffee in seconds! Simply pop open each filter and place them on the rim of your coffee cups and it will be ready to filter any type of coffee beans.

Coffee has been a part of our culture for generations, and we want to bring a more personalized approach to the daily drink that we take for an added level of satisfaction.

Order a pack of empty drip filters today and start to see a world of a difference when you prepare your morning cup of goodness using beans of your choice but minus the waiting and cleaning time of your coffee machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
I can't imagine making coffee any other way.

I bought these after watching a video of theirs on TikTok over a year ago. They went in the cabinet, always intended to give it a try, but forgot. Last week my Keurig broke down and since I'm the only one in the house who drinks coffee, I need those one-cup-at-a-time things. As I'm pricing new Keurigs my husband walks over and drops the bag of these in front of me and said "you bought 'em, use 'em." So I did. The result? I'm not buying another Keurig. I'm not buying anymore K-cups. I'm using my freshly ground beans and these pouches and HOLY CRAP it works so GREAT. I'm the idiot who's been spending a small fortune on K-cups and was about to spend ANOTHER small fortune on a new Keurig. FOR WHAT?? Never. Ever. Again.

I'm hooked on Cafe Emporos and I'm embarrassed that I waited so long, but now I know. And my husband is thrilled since they aren't breaking the bank either!

Thank you so much, Christine! I am happy to hear your are enjoying the coffee filters. :) Have a great day! Best, Ruben

I love these.

This is about the only way I will brew coffee now. I’m hooked.

So happy to hear, BB! Thank you for the support! Best, Ruben


Love these! So easy to use and perfect size.


Easy to seal and take! I enjoyed my favorite bean on the road. I had been looking for something like this for a while. I will be ordering more for camping and hotel stays.

Jeremy Yachik
Love the convenience

I filled these up with my favorite coffee and use them daily in my office. They are also great for camping.