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Coffee Cards

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Personalized Business Gifts

They say the first thing people do when they wake up is grab a cup of coffee. And what if that coffee drip package had your logo on it? You can be the only one with your custom message and photos in their kitchen, commanding attention!

A cup of coffee can make a difference in someone's day. Add your customized message to these drip packs, so your customers will associate you with a scrumptious cup of coffee and your product in just one sip!

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique gift! Create the perfect gift that shows you care. Our personalized coffee and tea packs give your clients a relaxing start to a busy day while setting you apart from your competitor. Choose from the blend of personalized coffee pockets that best suits you and your business.
  • Perfect hook for a follow-up! Keep the conversation going with our Personalized Business Drip Pack Gift. Give one to each client and they’ll be sure to remember all of your important details!
  • Make it exclusively yours! Using elegant fonts, deliver the message you want to your customers or upload a photo and have it printed directly onto the packaging.
  • Made for non-coffee drinkers too! We can’t forget about people who are not fond of coffee. Pick between Mint or Earl Grey Pyramid tea. Don’t miss the chance to make the non-coffee drinking clients feel special by gifting them with a personal, elegant tea bag package!
  • Your choice of material for each packet! You get to choose whether to use white or Kraft paper for the drip packets. Durable and stylish, both materials will last long after the contents are gone.

  • Make your brand more memorable. Packaging with your own photos lets customers remember you. Reach new customers and increase sales! Reserve 4 weeks in advance to allow us enough time to prepare everything.

    Let us help you transform your business relations with a personalized coffee gift. Your clients won’t just remember you for your business acumen. They will also remember you for the taste of your brand of premium coffee.