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2 (12oz) Bags of Coffee

2 (12oz) Bags of Coffee

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Your Mondays just got better!
Get freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your door.

Coffee delivered 24 hours from roasting. 
Free Contactless Delivery.
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This subscription includes 3 Black and Gold Bags. Each bag contains 10 Coffee satchels read to be brewed!

Current Offerings:

 Dark Roast Ugandan
 Medium Roast Colombian 
 Light Roast Ethiopian

1. Select two boxes with coffee roasts. 

2. Choose Grind Size
a. Whole Bean
b. Fine Grind-Espresso
c. Medium Grind Pourover / Auto Drip
d. Coarse Grind - French Press / Cold Brew
Your coffee will be delivered based on the frequency you choose. Your shipment will arrive the following Monday after your order has been placed. Thank you!

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