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Ethiopian Hand Drip Coffee (10ct.) Med. Roast

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  • The mountains of workload and difficult challenges that you’ll go through to become successful are no joke. We want you to achieve them so let us take care of the coffee for you every morning of every month.

    Offering you the finest organic coffee from family-owned farms in the southern nations of Ethiopia, we bring you this Hand Drip Coffee that you can have delivered at your door monthly, like clockwork so you can focus on your goals.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Traditional coffee farming inside each bag! Farmed using methods that have not changed much for centuries. Each pack offers organic Ethiopia coffee, grown and sorted without additives, artificial flavors, and other nasty ingredients.
    • Experience an instant productivity boost! Medium roasted to contain more caffeine, you can bet each cup of this coffee can give you ample brainpower to keep hitting your daily goals.
    • Giving a whole new meaning to the word accurate! The flavor you’ll get from this coffee is the very definition of accurate with the beans fully washed before being dried on raised beds.
    • A hallmark in the coffee world! Grown on fertile land 2700 meters above sea level with ample rain, and optimum temperature, each pack contains coffee that has earned its badge.
    • A fruity explosion with every sip! Experience a zesty explosion inside your mouth as you taste the complex blueberry taste profile of the coffee.

    Certified as organic and marked fair trade, each cup will express how love and effort were placed to grow and harvest every bean to bring you one of the best-tasting coffee you’ll have.

    Subscribe today and have this cup of goodness delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Keep your focus on the many things that you have to do and we’ll handle the supply of caffeine for you.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kathy Upchurch
Hot Coco Ethiopian med roast

Excellent loved it!!! The Coffee is my favorite and i will continue to buy both of these products.

Thank you so much for review, Kathy! I hope you are well! :)

Linnea Jansson
Such a time saver

Such a nice person to buy from! Great coffee, user friendly, fits over any mug. No issues with the paper falling in or breaking from water. Great gift too!

Different but just as good

I tried the Ethiopian medium roast and I was not disappointed. Every one in my family loved it too.

Thank you for your review and support! :)