20 Cold Brew Coffee Bags
20 Cold Brew Coffee Bags
Cafe Emporos

20 Cold Brew Coffee Bags

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100% Organic Ethiopian Coffee in a Tea Bag.

The Coffee Bag makes both a cold brew and hot coffee.

For Cold Brew: Remove coffee bag and steep in a glass filled with 6oz of cold water. Place in refrigerator overnight (6-10hrs). Add ice, top with cold water and enjoy!

For Hot Coffee: Brew as you would a traditional tea bag. Pour hot water over the bag in a mug and steep for 4-5 minutes. Enjoy!

Brew 20  cups of coffee anywhere!

This product is also available for subscription. Receive 3 pouches once a month. Cancel anytime. SL15 Promo code has already been applied to the subscription of this product until October 6th. Please contact Cafe Emporos for any additional questions. Thank you!

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