How to use the Hand Drip Satchel

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How to use the Hand Drip Satchel
The hand Drip Satchel is easy to use and will result in an aromatic cup of coffee. Follow the instructions below to enjoy your Cafe Emporos coffee anywhere!
What you will need:
1 filled Hand Drip Satchel
8oz of Hot Water
10oz mug
1. Remove one sealed coffee satchel from the black and gold pouch.
2. Carefully tear along the perforated line below the word 'open'.
3. Pull out the side, fold gently and place it over the rim of your mug. Please make sure the satchel is secure before you begin your pour.
4. Start pouring 8oz of hot water into the filter.
5. Repeat this process for 1-2 minute until your mug is filled. Enjoy the aroma and experience! 
6. Allow the satchel to empty itself of the water and carefully remove it. 
7. You are then left with a fresh cup of coffee!

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