Adding Coffee to the Hand Drip Satchels

Ruben Trujillo

The Hand Drip satchels are a simple and effective way to brew your own hand drip coffee whether you are at home or on the go. Below are the directions. Enjoy!

Once you have your hand drip filters remove one from the packet.

Carefully, place 9-10g of freshly ground coffee into the filter. We recommend you hold the filter to prevent the coffee grounds from falling into the cup.

Extend the side hangers and place over your favorite mug.

Slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. Pour to saturate the grounds, wait 10 seconds, then slowly pour the rest.

Once your cup is full and the hot water has passed through, carefully remove the filter.

If the filter touches the water, don't worry, the contact time is not long enough for it to affect the flavor of your coffee.


Photos by 1912 Coffee

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